Jan 03, 2017 8:25AM

A Beautiful Round Up Of Rappers Taking Bubble Baths

So fresh, so clean.
Some things just go together like coffee and cream, oreos and peanut butter, melted cheese and literally any edible surface ever. Another example is rappers and bubble baths. A winning, but oft-overlooked situation that combines staunchness and vulnerability. New to the concept? Let yourself steap in this beautiful round up of rappers in da tub.
Honestly is there anything this man can't do? He got bubbles on his head and he still looks like he's about to unroll some poetic justice on your ass. And that full body sprawl with a crotch full of chains. Can you not.
Yung Thug
Yung Thug ran a bath for his Dazed cover story and while he wore a criminal amount of bubbles, he did bring a new edge to the idea by gazing poignantly into the water.
Not quite as enjoyable as most examples because Diddy is a mess tbh. This Ciroc-sponsored #humblebrag is pretty devvo.
Gucci Mane
Omg Gucci and his bae in the bath eating grapes. This is just great. The only thing that could be better than this is if he was fishing in a hot tub…
50 Cent
50 Cent had a nightclub in his mansion, which is something that is impressive in a Paris Hilton kind of way, but he also had 24 bathrooms. Can you imagine? It's easy to assume then, that the man really knows how to take a bath. Here he is doing just that, while sucking on a cigar and admiring some gorge modern art.
Lil Wayne
In Wayne's 2011 hit '6 Foot 7 Foot' we see a new take on the tradition of bath time. One in which the bather is bathed against his will, fully clothed, via a falling chair. A ritual more about waking up than getting clean.
Here's Drake in a bath, two kind of bubbles. Classic Drake.
Nicki Minaj
Damn tho. Nicki in this bathing suit for Cosmo is more flame emojis than can fit on your screen.
DJ Khaled
What's a novelty rap-related listicle without a Khaled reference? Here's the big guy chillin in some kind of remote-control operated bath, burner phone conveniently in frame.
Chance The Rapper
Only recently Chance took the plunge and made a bath time mixtape. What a QT. He also gave us exactly what we wanted and included some visuals on the socials. 
Not rap but marriage to Jay Z is good enough association. Plus any excuse to listen to this work of genius and watch the queen splash around in a giant martini glass
Photos: Tumblr, Dazed, Cosmopolitan

Hayley Morgan