Aug 23, 2017 6:21AM

A Mandy Moore Style Appreciation Post, Because She Regrets Her Teen Looks

Icon tbh.
If you do one thing today, it should be making Mandy Moore feel good about her teen self. While we're over here constantly looking back on our teen styles and kinda loving it, she's been on the Today show dissing her precious self.
On her first ever red carpet look (1999 Billboard Awards), which is actually so Man Repeller goals it hurts, she said: "This was back when ball-gown skirts and the twin-set cashmere sweater was popular for a hot minute. I remember seeing Gwyneth Paltrow in something similar. That's the inspiration behind this look, although she wasn't wearing what looks like a tablecloth and a Swarovski crystal-bejewelled turtleneck. And my crazy blond hair… and I remember I had pink Prada sandals on underneath and I was so excited because they were the fanciest shoes I'd ever had in my life. This was a real low point for me, I'm going to be honest. This was not a highlight of my style career." Prada sandals a low point? Girl!!!
On her outfit for her I Wanna Be With You album launch, which looks like an actual Marques Almeida runway look, she said: "This is a whopper. This is a feathered top, you guys. And a jean skirt. Remember when it was in vogue to cut off the waistband of your jeans and denim skirts? This sort of asymmetrical line — that's something. And I believe you can't even really see, but there is a feathered detail on my platform sandals that's sort of tied in with the feathered halter top that I'm wearing. This was not a highlight for me either." Honestly, Mandy, if you've still got this kicking around just hit me up and I'll give you my postal address.
Without further negative criticism of herself, let's dive into some of our fave Mandy Moore style moments...
Snake skin pants! I need more than my own two hands to count how many times I've searched for these on Etsy:
Gingham shirred top? Hello Daisy:
Jane Birkin? Is that you?
Someone show Karl Lagerfeld this cross-body discman so he makes in next season:
Door beads might be the most annoying things in the world, but I'm wearing this look on the first day of summer:
I feel like this was direct inspo for Fiorucci's recent re-launch imagery:
These boots. Are they Baleciaga?
Who made this dress? I need to know:
Nailing the stick-on diamonte sitch:
Classic camo:
Ok this going out top is a bit etch, but are these trousers Comme?
Mandy Moore. You're iconic tbh.
Photos & GIFs: Tumblr

Hayley Morgan