Aug 12, 2016 12:26PM

Alert Your Heart! The Entire 'Stranger Things' Soundtrack Is Here

Should I stay or should I go?

You might have noticed that the streets are currently awash with tears, and it's because the first volume of most frothed soundtrack ever Stranger Things just dropped!!! Time to start binning all your weekend plans so you can spend the next 48 hours doing this: 

The soundtrack does a primo job of encapsulating all of the show's eerie nostalgia/sci-fi vibes, as well as taking all our feels to another bloody dimension. Big call, but it's probably the best TV series soundtrack we've heard since Twin Peaks. *Awaits backlash*

The composers behind the fusion of beautiful sounds — Kyle and Michael of Austin band S U R V I V E — deliver on the creep factor, with mysterious synth lines that thump methodically under super ambient sounds. Like the show, it appears to have an extensive and impressive list of influences, from 70s band Tangerine Dream and electro legends Daft Punk, to the master of horror films/scores John Carpenter.   

The epic soundtrack truly compounded all the best, most harrowing and rewarding moments in the show. From the cutest peck in TV's history: 

To the kind-of-predictable-but-also-terrifying R-U-N moment:

And the part where Eleven returns to stick up for her mates/save Mike's life (special shoutouts to Dustin for being so adorbs):

Begin the binge-listen, care of Apple Music below:

And, if you're stinging for some more of that Kyle and Michael magic, you'll be stoked to know they'll be releasing their own record, RR7349, on September 30. 

Happiest days! 

Madeleine Woon