May 13, 2016 8:58AM

All Of The Loosest Supré Slogan Tees You Made Your Mum Pay For

~your boyfriend thinks I'm hot~

The early-00s were a very ripe time for provocative tween clothing items and looking like a real asshat via your own pre-to-mid-pubescent sexual prowess. And while Supré was responsible for many, many atrocities of the wearable kind — here's looking at you, material belts — its main offence was convincing us we needed to be wearing slogan t-shirts that made everyone around us feel really uncomfortable.

Some of these tees amazingly still exist on eBay, just waiting to be purchased by someone very ironic. But all of them make us want to call our mums immediately and apologise for making her spend her hard earned money on them (and subsequently having to watch us parade around the neighbourhood in them). We're really hoping our old Myspace profiles don't have any photographic evidence of these on our bodies:

1. "I only look innocent"

Ooh… saucy, seductive, mysterious. The truth is the only thing your 12-year-old self is guilty of is not cleaning your room or using all your Optus credit too quick.

2. "Yes I'm a bitch, just not yours"

Ok, we get it, but also…? There is literally nothing that good about being a bitch OR being someone else's bitch… This is just sass for the sake of sass, right?

3. "I've lost my number can I have yours?"

A real straight shooter this one. It says "I'm here, I'm waiting, and I've got a fair amount of texting credit and maybe a plan where I can call you after 9pm for free."

4. "High beams"

Omg, can you even imagine the parents of Australia who had to deal with their daughters wearing this.

5. "Bitch formerly known as... Princess"

Why was it so super trendy to be a bitch in the 00s? Is it because someone invented Beautiful Intelligent Talented Charming Human? Wait, was that a Supré slogan?

6. "Jingle my bells"

Honestly no better way to celebrate the one holiday that legit all of your relatives gather for. Everyone is buying you a new shirt next year.

7. "Check me out"

Look, we don't want to throw the name 'attention seeker' around, but you're being a knob.

8. Hand prints

Not technically a slogan tee but defs the holy grail of Supré shirts. It says "your hands, my boobs" and it's probably still kinda great.

DIY bonus round:

Who modded this eco bag and when is their SS16 collection on sale?

Photos: Tumblr, eBay, Flickr, Collective Shout, Carousell

Hayley Morgan