Aug 04, 2015 11:04PM

An Aaliyah And M.A.C Cosmetics Collaboration Could Be Happening

Down with the clique.
The Princess of R&B is a pretty perf direction for a M.A.C Cosmetics collab. Aside from being an impossibly perfect natural beauty, Aaliyah most def worked the smokey eye, diamond eyelashes, coloured eyeshadow and contrast lipliner like no other.
When M.A.C launched their Selena line, Aaliyah's fans launched a petition pushing to reintroduce her legacy through a collaboration.
After attaching the hashtag #AaliyahForMAC, the idea got some legs. Missy Elliot, Monie Love and Aaliyah's stylists are all backing it, plus Aaliyah's brother Rashad responded to a fan's tweet about it. He confirmed that Aaliyah was a big M.A.C fan, and that he'd work with her licensing team to make it happen. This is a big deal. The family haven't approved an idea since the I Care 4 U release in 2002. 
Photo: Tumblr

Hayley Morgan