Jul 30, 2015 1:57PM

Angel Haze Just Put Out A Dope New Track Called 'Impossible'

Break-up banger.

Detroit rapper Angel Haze has just released the first song from her upcoming album, and it's an agressive banger than goes to some pretty dark places. Which makes sense, because Angel broke up with her girlfriend Ireland Baldwin earlier this year, and while break-ups are bad for life, they can be good for the creative process. When asked about the origin of the song, Angel said it inspired by: 

In the track called 'Impossible', Angel gets confessional, spitting lyrics like, "Considered suicide, I do that these days / I thought about what I could do with my grave / Google search how to make a grenade". She also takes aim at the state of race in America: "I got my middle finger up to white America / But tryin' to whitewash my blackness".

She elaborated on these lyrics in a series of tweets, saying that they're directed at "all the white dicks in suits who try to tell a young coloured girl how to be", and that they're "more than a disdain for whiteness, it's hope that we can finally be allowed the same spectrum of aggression as them and not be judged for it." 

Angel shared further details of her new album via Twitter, including that the album will be called Back To The Woods, features a (Wes Anderson-inspired?) track called 'Moonrise Kingdom' and will come out on August 31, 2015. 

Photo: @angxlhxze

Nadia Bailey