Sep 08, 2016 3:45PM

Angel Olsen & Cass McCombs Drop Très Odd Video For 'Opposite House'

Afternoon tea.

Warbling sweetheart Angel Olsen recently jumped on Cass McComb's Mangy Love track 'Opposite House', and today it got a video that's as weird and great as the song itself. 

The black-and-white clip begins fairly innocuously, with Cass perched on a stool all chilled out looking into the camera. Then things quickly take a turn for the oddball, with the camera cutting to some shots of a bath, and a couple throwing a very bizarro tea party. They measure out the table arrangement with clinical precision, and then proceed to blow high streams of tea at one another. Here for it. 

Ashley and Cass jam, then water explodes from every type of tea vessel imaginable. Quench your thirst below. 
Photo: YouTube

Madeleine Woon