Mar 16, 2017 1:44PM

Anthony Lister On Down-To-Earth Art & Fighting For Freedom

Live from his G-Star RAW mural.

Anthony Lister usually let's his work speak for itself, but luckily the prolific street artist agreed to answer a few Qs for us. After watching Anthony make magic IRL in the form of a giant superwoman mural on the side of G-Star RAW's World Square store, we hit him up to chat about freedom, utopia and the human condition. 

The tropical mural (above) was all about fighting for your right to be free and marked the launch of G-Star RAW's Elwood X25 range — a series of 25 unique pants hand picked by Pharrell Williams. Watch Anthony in action and get to know him a little better below.

What did you do today? 
Oh gosh come on now, I've barely got up out of bed. Don't ask me what time it is because I gave up on slave tools like that a long time ago.

If you had to describe your art in five words, what would you call it?
New number who this dot.

Can you tell us about the G-Star mural you created at world square?
Well, not really. But I can describe the sound it made when I put it on the building. Let's just say, it sounded like this… "Wooooooosh bang ding ding ding, with a kick".

What are your thoughts on the potential changes to street art commissioning rules in Sydney?
Thoughts?!… I don't have thoughts, I have feelings and questions. Is that an answer?

What does freedom mean to you?
Freedom means a lot to me. Freedom actually means everything to me. I believe we need more freedom in the world. That is all I care about actually.

What's worth fighting for?
Really? Duh, do I have to answer that? Didn't I just do that? Haha.

What's your idea of utopia?
That's where everyone's nude and making love in nature, right?… Isn't that what happens? Freedom.

Do you feel like all artists have a responsibility to be more political post-Trump?
I believe it's a bit pretentious to use the word artist like it's something special for starters. For seconds, I believe the role of artists is to be a mirror to reflect the human condition back to society and that's what I attempt to do when I paint pictures or make things with my hands. Fuck art, let's vandal.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?
"What you do, do well." Nah, just jokes. "Relax", nah. "Don't try", actually.

What are you looking forward to atm?
The end of this interview so that we can start talking like a group of people again because honestly I'm asking everyone to be quiet while I answer these questions. Haha!

Who do you look up to?
It's hard in this day and age to have a definitive group of role models that are good and pure and of the Tao. But if I was to choose one, let's just pick Yoda. But really if he actually existed, I would be looking down on that bastard. He's tiny as fuck.

Can you send us a selfie?

G-Star RAW's Elwood X25 range is available in store and online now. 

Photos: Courtesy

Lucy Jones