Mar 09, 2015 3:59PM

Beauty One-On-One: Zippora Seven @ IMG

"True beauty is an attitude: a nice, cool attitude."
Kiwi babe slash international supamodel Zippora Seven is all natural. The ocean, manuka honey and a smile are the secrets to her everyday freshness. She also had a teen crush on Avril Lavigne and will not speak until after her morning coffee. We feel you girl!
I first started wearing make-up when…I was really into Avril Lavigne. I'd ask for a toilet break in English and come back to class with really badly applied black eyeliner from the $2 shop.
My signature scent is…The ocean, with a hint of Impulse illusions.
My skincare saviour is…Sunscreen. 
My favourite product ever is…La Mer sun lotion spf 50.
My daily routine is…I have a huge glass of water when I wake up and rub Bioderma over my face with cotton pads, mist a little rose water, SUNSCREEN, and won't speak till I have a long black coffee. After a shoot, I use manuka honey as a disinfectant.
I can't live without…Love.
The ultimate beauty secret is…A smile.
The biggest beauty mistake is...Too much. 
Who is your beauty icon? My mum.
Lipgloss or lipstick? Homeoplasmine, my favourite for my lips, cheeks, eyelashes, cuts, burns, bites...
True beauty…Is an attitude: a nice, cool attitude.
Photography: Alexander Schipper 
Fashion: Courtney Milham-Johnson
Make-up: Clementine Cracroft-Wilson
Model: Zippora Seven @ IMG