Jan 21, 2014 10:17AM

Beyonce Parties At The White House / Jay Z Shout Outs Bjork

Blue Ivy pats Sunny Obama.

Of course Beyonce, Jay Z and their tiny heir Blue Ivy were invited to Michelle Obama's 50th birthday — and there ain't no party like a White House party it seems. 

Because a White House party features Beyonce performing especially for the First Lady, while her bb girl Blue gets acquainted with the Obama dogs Bo and Sunny, and Sasha and Malia stay up past midnight and get to eat sugar. Apparently, Ye was in full force, singing 'All The Single Ladies' (to which all the over 50s got down and 'boogied') the John Lennon sang 'Happy Birthday' to Michelle.
Being Beyonce, the singer then uploaded a whole bunch of pictures to her Tumblr, including plenty of Blue Ivy getting acquainted with the First Dogs. If these pictures don't start your day off on a cutesy, positive note, you have no soul and there is no hope for you. Guess who else was at the 50th of the century? Oh just the usual — Disney CEO Bob Iger, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Bill and Hilary Clinton, Magic Johnson, Paul McCartney and Samuel L Jackson. Oh yes. All the senior figureheads of the illuminati the greats were present. 
And according to TV guy Al Roker, Sasha and Malia invited a lot of their friends to fulfil the young people quota. As he said, "I gotta tell you, it was literally a house party…that happened to be in the White House." Thanks Al! 
In other Carter family news, when Jay Z played at Long Island's Nassau Coliseum recently, the always-majestic Bjork was in the audience. Because Jay Z is clearly a fan (remember when he was all "talk strange like Bjork" on Wu-Tang's 'Reunited?') he gave her a shout out, via an short instrumental version of her track 'Pagan Poetry.' Collaborate please! 
See Yonce's Tumblr for more pictures from the Obama's house, where they still haven't taken down their Christmas tree.