Aug 27, 2014 12:54PM

Big Boi Really Loves Kate Bush <3

Explains the joy and genius of 'Running Up That Hill' in new documentary.
There’s no underestimating the genius that is Kate Bush. OutKast's Big Boi is also something of a musical legend, albeit in a less elusive chanteuse/interpretive dance kind of way. 
The internet is frothing over Kate Bush again these last few days, what with the singer playing her first (highly theatrical) show in 35 years just yesterday and the airing of BBC's hour-long documentary, Running Up That Hill: The Kate Bush Story.  
'Tis this documentary that saw Big Boi offer his thoughts on KB, along with people with Tori Amos, St Vincent, Elton John, Steve Coogan and more. As the rapper says re: 'Running Up That Hill': "Music is supposed to evoke emotion. It makes you feel a certain way," adding, "That's what the vibrations are. It's not stagnant. It's not plain."
He continues, "I was introduced to the music by my Uncle Russell. He's kinda like a weirdo of the family. He's a skateboarder and all kinds of things. So I was like in 6th, 7th grade when I used to ride my bike to school and listen to it. I just got deeper and deeper into it. You know, [she's] one of my biggest musical influences. I love her." You and us both, Big Boi! 
Of course, we already knew he was a fan, because when we interviewed him for Oyster #102, he had this to say about old m8 Kate: "It's how you can visualise the songs, you know what I'm saying? The way she writes, how certain things can mean more than one thing and you have to kind of decode the records, and the fact that she wrote them and produced most of it is so incredible. I like the music in itself because it's really, really moody and the melodies are just, like, off the wall. 
Nobody sings like that. It's like a lot of times she's singing against the beat, under the beat… One thing I really love is how a lot of her songs morph into different tunes within one song. You know what I'm saying? From the different breakdowns and everything… And the pianos are beautiful; I love that."