Feb 17, 2015 2:10PM

Björk Releases The Trailer For Her Short Film 'Black Lake'


The woman who ruled the pop universe way before Queen Bey and in a crazier, cuter, more Björk way has released a preview of her forthcoming mini-art film.

Black Lake is an extended film clip that explores Björk's sci-fi goddess persona at the centre of this year's Vulnicura and 2011's Biophillia. It will be released as part of her well-deserved MoMA retrospective

The video accurately depicts Björk as mother nature/the centre of the universe, singing from inside a shadowy womb. The Björk=world message hits hard as you learn that her insides are actually a blue larva life-source.

Black Lake will explore "Björk's newest character and album...in an immersive music and film experience," according to MoMA.

"The 10-minute video, conceived and realised with director Andrew Thomas Huang, was filmed on location in Iceland during the summer of 2014, and includes motifs from the Icelandic landscape — caves, ravines, lava, and moss fields — and reflects ideas of pain, perishing, and rebirth." 

The full short film will be showcased among tonnes of Björk goodness when the exhibition opens at MoMA this March.

Lucy Jones