Feb 05, 2016 2:49PM

Catching Up With K-Pop Cuties JJCC


JJCC is a seven-member-strong K-Pop group with super fans from all around the world — a fact that didn't surprise us at all when we met the cutie pies IRL. The band is managed by the legendary Jackie Chan (who they describe as a cool dad) and they consistently produce fire (refer to any one of their film clips for proof).

An Australian known as Prince Mac and American dude Eddy round out the rare K-Pop entity, with each member bringing mad singing/dancing/rap skills to the table. 

The boys just arrived in Australia for Carriageworks' K-Pop Party, which they'll be playing with K-Pop stars Boyfriend. We hit them up ahead of tonight's show to survey them about their roles in the group/test their drawing skills. Fall in love below. 

JJCC will be playing on February 5 and 6 @ Carriageworks, Sydney. Get your tickets here!

Lucy Jones