Jun 17, 2011 12:00AM

Celine Classics

Only Celine could get away with calling something three years old a "classic".

It's hard to determine the exact point in time when something becomes insanely cool, but Kanye West giving it the thumbs up is a fairly good indicator. But then, Celine was cool far before Yeezy took the stage at Coachella wearing a shirt from the brand's Spring 2011 collection - for three years now creative director Phoebe Philo has been reinventing the French fashion house by defining exactly what cool women want to wear.

To celebrate three years of being really cool, Philo is giving a second chance to those women (and rappers) who might have missed out on some key pieces from her previous collections. Celine Classics will reissue six of Philo's cleanest, brightest, most impeccably tailored looks for the label's pre-fall range. These looks will include a mens shirt, a Combie coat, slim cropped trousers and a tuxedo jacket - all in vivid colours that perfectly balance those minimalist shapes. Unlike most 'best of' collections this doesn't mean Philo is planning to become a hermit, and unlike diffusion lines it doesn't mean the pieces will come with lower price tags - one item will set you back between $580 and $2950. However, unlike Jimmy Choo's recently re-released feather shoe, at least Celine has longevity.

Words: Hannah Ongley