Mar 28, 2017 5:57PM

Chance The Rapper Is Looking For An Intern, People Are Off It

Literally the nicest guy in rap, Chance the Rapper, put out a call today detailing that he needed an intern. So exciting right? Imagine bringing Chance his 3pm coffee and custard tart. Dreams! Except that's not really what's going on.
The man posted to twitter, stating that he was looking for someone good at "putting together decks and writing proposals." This is not really an intern job, since (ethically) the internship should be offering training in these tasks. BUT Chance hasn't stated whether this one is paid in real money or just ~exposure~.
While many, many, many people replied to the tweet with huge interest, some people were pretty off it. 
Despite the neg responses, Chance has tweeted once more requiring very special formatting for applications.
You in?

Hayley Morgan