Mar 17, 2016 3:54PM

Check Out The New Comic From The Guy Who Created 'Ghost World'


For a bunch of us, Ghost World was a gateway movie that alerted us to the fact that comic books and graphic novels are actually sick. The cult film made us fall in deeper in love with Steve Buscemi, inspired our ~edgy~ early-00s style and got us into the OG graphic novel by Daniel Clowes, which we followed with other worthy series like Y: The Last Man, Sex Criminals and Bitch Planet. Thanks, GW!

For the first time in more than half a decade, Daniel has a new graphic novel out, and it looks like a total trip. It's called Patience, and starts out following the story of a totally normal couple who've just found out that they're having a baby. But things take a turn for the weird when the man comes home and finds the woman dead on the floor of their house. What follows is even weirder: there's time travel, emotional revelations and some tricky moral questions.

Even though it's kind of a sci-fi premise, this is a Daniel Clowes thing — so don't expect any big heroics or the usual tropes. Instead, it veers between violent destruction and moments of tenderness that will really make you feel things. And, like anything that deals with time travel, there will be a whole lot of moral questions to grapple with such as: if you had the power to change the past, would you? And more importantly: how badly would you mess things up? 

Like Ghost World before it, Patience looks like it's gonna be a real refreshing change from mainstream comics. Marvel is fine and all, but there's definitely more to life than whatever Spiderman is up to these days. 

Photos: Via Fantagraphics 

Nadia Bailey