Nov 02, 2015 1:40PM

'Dawson's Creek' Showrunner Shares Deets About The Greatest Love Story Of All Time

I don't wanna wait.

Step aside Romeo and Juliet, Joey Potter and Pacey Witter are in the house and the superiority of their undying love is undeniable. One Greg Berlanti, a Dawson's Creek showrunner, has revealed some new BTS details about the so-wrong-they're-right couple that have got us feeling feelings.

Greg chatted to Vulture about the apparently controversial choice to end the show with Joey choosing Pacey over Dawson. Meanwhile: Dawson was off being a douche somewhere (standard), Jack and Deputy Doug were dating and JEN WAS DEAD. We'd actually like to pretend that everything in this flash forward episode never happened, other than Joey and Pacey being together o' course.

It shouldn't come as a huge surprise that the OG show creator Kevin Williamson WAS Dawson and always thought he'd end up with his soul mate Joey. He clearly didn't realise that people who refer to their significant other as their soul mate are doomed to end up alone. When Kevin left the show after season two, it was Greg who had the genius idea to get a Joey and Pacey romance going.

"We just wanted to write what we wanted to see — none of us thought very far ahead at that time of what the implication would be. Part of the fun of the show, and the success of it, was that we really were figuring it out as we went along, pretty much the way a couple figures themselves out as they go along. It was always very much a thing of passion," Greg said.

Kevin ended up co-writing the final episode and while he didn't vibe on the whole Joey/Pacey thing, he decided that it was more important that Dawson realise his dreams of becoming a director: "That's what he chose to dramatise in the end. To him, they all got something they wanted, and in some way each didn't get something they wanted, which was very poignant," Greg explained.

Without further ado we present to you the greatest love story of ever…

From the first moment we met them the sexual tension was so real, see: the below lesson in mean-flirting.

They were opposites.

But so MFEO.

And despite the Dawson factor…

…They managed to find true love.

Dream man Pace stuck by his girl even though she did this:

'Cause she's off the bloody hook!

No Pacey, you're off the hook.

Brb, heart is breaking.

Lucy Jones