Aug 06, 2013 6:23PM

ELKE SS13/14 'Moonstruck Monsoon'

It's all love, baby

Sydney designer ELKE  has just released her new collection 'Moonstruck Monsoon' and it's inspired by the duality of love and the ties (metaphorical, and in this case, literal) that bind two souls. Imagined as long forgotten artefacts that re-tell the intense story of a in-love pair, ELKE designed the pieces around two core elements — fine cord and silk. They represent two contrasting but complementary hearts, that complete one another. Naw! 

As a designer who's big on the conceptual, you can bet that every material used in the range (and there's a lot) has been thoughtfully considered and represents a different part of the story. Ever the prolific, ELKE also created a range of silk scarves to be released this Spring/Summer, featuring artwork that interprets the surfaces of stone. 

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