Jun 17, 2014 9:30AM

Emoji Just Got Updated To Include 250 More Emojis

*Tiny fist pump hand, wink with tongue out, panda.*
We only just prophesied that Emojis would soon overrun words as the hieroglyphic-like language the human race will ironically speak in the near future, and look, it's kind of coming true! People seem more into Emojis than they are into talking slash typing, and demand is far outweighing supply. Thus, Unicode (the industry standard that regulates the text) just updated itself and now includes 250 new Emojis. Hooray! 
Now people can express their tiny ideas via tiny images like 'wind blowing face', 'hot pepper', 'chipmunk', 'raised hand with part between middle and ring fingers (aka the Vulcan Salute)' and bed. You hear us? A BED. Finally! 
It will now be up to the makers of Unicode member platforms like iOS and Android to implement the new standard. Which they'll obvs be racing to do ASAP. You can find a list of all the new Emojis here. Any excuse update our own personal Emoji wish list:
The Obamas
More explosions
More invertebrae
More conspiracy Emojis
Deep sea creatures
And of course, more POC. Get into it, Unicode!