Aug 30, 2016 5:53PM

Exclusive: Me And You x DEERDANA Rihanna Bandanas

Bad gal forever.

Julia Baylis and Mayan Toledano of girl-friendly clothing label Me and You have teamed up with the design whiz behind DEERDANA, Dana Veraldi, to create a range of funky fresh bandanas inspired by your main bad girl. The dream squad took Riri's favourite things — durries, burner phones, fluffy shoes, tiaras, diamonds, et al. — and put them on some pink and black bandanas, with Drake's new bae sitting front and centre.

Then, they got even more deep on the Riri love by shooting the bandanas on a bunch of their genetically blessed NY pals. Coolest kids Paloma Elsesser, Salem Mitchell and Alexi Macou styled their own looks and shared their favourite Rihanna-related things. Blessings on blessings. 

We hit up the ladies behind the new and very necessary accessory to chat about the queen, their labels and being mates. 

Lucy Jones: Can you describe the vibe of your collab in a sentence?
Me and You: Chill, fun, bad gal.
DEERDANA: Bossy but suuuuper chill and flirty — just like Riri.

Best Rihanna song?
Me and You: 'Sex With Me' !!!
DEERDANA: 'Pon de Replay'

What's your personal bad gal equivalent of Rihanna taking wine glasses out of restaurants?
Me and You: Taking a wine glass outside of a restaurant, lol. 
DEERDANA: Bringing my own wine into movie theatres.

How did the collaboration come about?
Me and You: We've known Dana forever through our mutual friend Sam. She's kinda become like a mentor for us because she's really good at what she does. We would always bug her once in a while for advice — "Where do we print this? How much should we sell this for? etc." We'd always talked about doing something together and came up with the Rihanna idea at some point last spring.
DEERDANA: I love Mayan and Julia! It's been exciting to watch Me and You grow over time. They are super hardworking and genuine. We knew that someday we would work on something special together, we both love Riri so she was a perfect muse for us!

Why do you think your labels are such a good fit?
Me and You: We both have an emphasis on having fun and not sticking to the strict confines of what a fashion label should be. Both of us just wanna make stuff our friends and us will love.

Best thing on the internet?
Me and You: @barbienox (on every network), @bardiazeinali Instagram videos, and obvi @badgalriri.
DEERDANA: Von Miller's Snapchat, the films on Made To Measure.

Who are the kids in the campaign and why did you choose to cast them?
Both: Our friends!

If Riri came to your hometown for a day where would you take her and what would you do?
Me and You: She already came to Julia's hometown a few months ago to film the 'Work' video with Drake at a jerk chicken spot. Dunno if we can top that but this time we would just wanna tag along! 
DEERDANA: I grew up outside of Philadelphia; we could take a day trip to Lancaster and visit Amish farms. I would love to do a photoshoot there with Rihanna in traditional Amish clothing surrounded by animals and children.

Photography: Mayan Toledano (Salem Mitchell) & Dana Veraldi (All Others)

Lucy Jones