May 19, 2017 12:29PM

Exclusive: POMS SS17 'Gatto' Lookbook

Future's so bright.
Melbourne's cool gal accessory label POMS have just ramped up their already very excellent eyewear line with four new colours. Stop it! You can now stare life right in the face through pink, blue and yellow lenses, hugged by frames ranging from solid white, chilled out tortoise, to smokey rose. Each pair, of course, comes with the genius temple dangle detail. The collection went for a whirl on the faces of the babes at Pageant, during their MBFWA show, and damn they looked good. Head over to the @oystermagazine and @mbfw Instagrams where we snapped pics and stories of the specs in action.
To go with the exclusive release of the new 'Gatto' lookbook, we asked POMS legend Adriana Giuffrida to talk us through the collection. 
If it was a colour: Rainbow
If it was a mood: Optimistic
If it was an animal: Pomsky
If it was a language: Italiano
If it was a place: Venice 
If it was a time: 1996
If it was a song: Fade Into You - Mazzy Star
If it was a season: Summer
If it was a food: Figs
If it was a famous person: Liv Tyler 
If it was a YouTube video: 
If it was a smell: Rose 
If it was a texture: Lustrous 
If it was a quote: 'The most beautiful place to be, is in love' - Bertolucci
If it was a film: Crush 
Photography: Rene Vaile
Art Direction: Tristan Ceddia
Eyewear: POMS + Pared
Hair & Makeup: Sam Patrikopoulos
Talent: Lucy Blay, Jodie Hill, Raenee

Hayley Morgan