Mar 05, 2014 11:05AM

Facebook Plans To Buy Drones

To watch us from above, probably.

In Mark Zuckerberg's most recent move towards singularity and becoming a full-blown world autocrat, he has announced that Facebook is in talks to purchase a fleet of drones to allow remote and rural areas to connect to the internet. The autonomous aircraft will be solar-powered and stay in the air for up to five years each. The cost is said to be around the $60 million mark — that's less than a 20th of WhatsApp's 'value' — so pretty much small change.

Increasing affordable internet (read: Facebook) access in developing countries in Africa and Asia is the highly altruistic focus for the drone project but who's to say what this means for surveillance. It's all part of Facebook's partnership with mobile phone companies. You can watch a video with the Zucktator himself (and no actual mention of drones) below.

Sounds wonderful. Very inspirational and charitable, just like everything else Facebook has done, right? We'll be watching you too Mark! We'll be watching.