Aug 19, 2010 12:00AM

faris badwan doodles

Faris Badwan of Brit-rockers The Horrors is currently displaying an exhibition of his sketches at The Book Club in Shoreditch. We asked him a few questions about his artwork, as he contemplates taking his show on the road whilst recording his next album.

Oyster: Where are you today? What's doing?

Faris: I'm in a small village called Box, recording. The recording studio is directly beneath a railway track which is very helpful.

Oyster: Who convinced you to start showing your artwork?

Faris: I can't remember exactly.

Oyster: Did you ever worry about others criticizing your work?

Faris: Any negatives would be based purely on personal taste, which is fair enough.

Oyster: What's the weirdest thing a fan's ever done to/for you?

Faris: An entire class of seven year olds presented my with their watercolour responses to the last song on the 2nd Horrors record.

Oyster: Who's your favourite artist?

Faris: Different people for different things - Da Vinci for ink drawings, Goya or Waterhouse for painting.. Paul Klee. Outsider art is something I've always found really interesting and there are a lot of very unique ideas you wouldn't see anywhere else, a level of dedication or fixation etc.

Oyster: Favourite band/artist right now?

Faris: Billy Nicholls

Oyster: What sorts of themes are common throughout your sketches?

Faris: Clouds and leaves. Yet for some people, I will always be a 'goth rocker'.. I guess it's nice to have some form of stability in life.

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