May 14, 2012 12:54PM

Fuck Yeah Menswear Anonymous Author Revealed

After all these years, the author(s) of the satirical blog have made themselves known...

Anonymous blog Fuck Yeah Menswear is no longer anonymous. We, along with the rest of the internet, discovered the Tumblr back in 2010, which mocked the menswear blog genre with its free verse commentary, e.g:


A dissertation.

Ruminations on menswear domination.

Collection behind us.

Future in front of us.

Lost in each other’s eyes.

Nothing can stop us.

Just two bros.

Among many.

In the frat party we call #menswear.

Where the only rule is.

#browear before #hoewear."

Other bloggers offered bounties to find out the identity of the author, and GQ even interviewed him / her / it / they / the grey face. Now, the brains behind the blog have finally been revealed as one Lawrence Schlossman (in the main image above) and one Kevin Burrows. Lawrence currently holds post as Associate Editor over at Complex (which explains his superior 'flow'), and also maintains side projects How To Talk To Girls At Parties and Sartorially Inclined, while Kevin is a Production Coordinator at Dreamworks Pictures and founder / designer of "handcrafted neckwear" online boutique, The Windmill Club.

"Yep, it's true,"  Lawrence told The Observer. "I wrote Fuck Yeah Menswear, but I don't do it by myself. My buddy Kevin Burrows, who lives in Los Angeles and works at Dreamworks Pictures does it with me. His name as well as mine will be on the book when it comes out this November. He deserves to have his name and work highlighted and acknowledged as much as I do, he's essential to this thing."

Fuck Yeah Menswear's last blog post was in November 2011, but don’t worry, that’s probably just because Lawrence and Kevin have been busy writing the Fuck Yeah Menswear book, which will be out later this year.

For those interested in the proliferation of Fuck Yeah blogs, check out this graph which traces the evolution of Fuck Yeah blogs courtesy of Mashable.