Jun 06, 2017 8:44PM

Genius 'Brown Girls' Creators Score HBO Show Deal

Good rep!
The web series that rocked the WWW when it premiered in February this year — as in, Fatimah Asghar and Sam Bailey's Brown Girls — has already caught the warranted attention of the top dogs over at HBO.
According to an interview in Elle, the creators have just signed a development deal with the network to adapt the web series into a full TV series. "When we talked about the show to HBO, we told them that we wanted to show how they were resourcefully fly," Fatimah tells Elle. "We don't want a show that is flashy and smooth. We want a show that is gritty. That has this kind of realness to it."
"The web series is a small, small slice into the potential of the show," she continues. "I want [the TV show] to be very Chicago-focused and queer folks of colour–focused. And to have women of colour and queer people of colour be the protagonists and the antagonists in their own story. That's very important to me. I want to grow the show and make it more complicated and more nuanced. Tonally, we're trying to carry over the balance between comedy and those serious, weighted moments. The people of Brown Girls are not caricatures."
If Brown Girls missed your essential viewing list earlier in the year, get amongst it here:

Hayley Morgan