Jul 10, 2017 3:41AM

Get To Know Italian Party Starter Matisa

Cool thing.
Matisa knows good music. Some of the best. She's no stranger to Italy's best clubs, and her set for Amsterdam's Red Light Radio is a total party starter. Dedicated to vinyl, her bag has a solid mix of techno, house and disco, with an experimental approach. She's also the new chief executive over at NSV Worldwide.
After spending time in Brussels to hone her sound, she came across textile designer Delphine Dénéréaz. Both having a defiant perspective, it was only natural that they collaborate. Matisa soundtracked Delphine's recent collection, and Delphine decked Matisa out in some of her best pieces. A perfect match! 
Obsessed with Matisa's whole vibe, we had to get to know her:
Name: Isabella Dogroll Erculei
Nickname: Matisa
Star sign: Virgin… touched for the very first time.
Spirit animal: Wined dog. Sometimes I bark but you can't help but falling in love with my big brown eyes. 
What do you do for a job? 
I'm a Dj selector. My instrument is vinyl, no matter the new digital technologies, it is still better in texture and deepness of sound. As a loyal wined dog I am faithful to traditions.
Where did you grow up and where are you living now? 
I was born in Rome but since many years I live in Perugia, in the green heart of Italy. I just left Brussels where I had the possibility to immerse myself completely in music.
What impact did those places have on you?
Rome is the city where I was born, nothing more. The place I consider home is Perugia. Brussels is the place that gave me more emotions. Fashion, music and many exclusive parties.
If you had to describe your vibe in five words...? 
Eclectic with cherry on top. Five words, according to math.
What impact does collaboration have on you?
Collaboration is very important to me because it gives me the chance of experiencing other artists' point of view, even in different fields like photography or fashion. 
What have been some of the best collaborations?
I loved to work with Delphine. She's an incredibly talented stylist. I made a music selection for her new collection.
What do you stand for/believe in?
I believe in the power of creativity. While there's creativity there's hope.
What tracks do you play to get the party started?
I usually give a little bit of suspense, build through silence, a slight harmony or a voice and then suddenly I push the rhythm further.
What films are on your watch list right now?
Captain Fantastic, Matt Ross
The Lobster, Di Yorgos Lanthimos
Carol, Di Todd Haynes
Mommy, Xavier Dolan
What scares you most?
My biggest fear is to be abandoned.
Best thing on the internet?
Photography: Hugo De Westelinck
Fashion: Delphine Dénéréaz

Hayley Morgan