Sep 15, 2016 4:03PM

Get To Know Model & Internet Legend Gabriella Bechtel


Gabriella Bechtel is a cool young person who's good at the internet, modelling and living life to the full. We first met her out in LA, with her fellow model boo Lucas Bin, and since then she's hit the big time. Gab starred alongside a bunch of web-savvy legends in Petra Collins' adidas Originals x Urban Outfitters campaign, made her runway debut at Vaquera's NYFW show and has just done a good thing with NY label Orseund Iris.

Gabriella hooked up with OS label founder Alana Johnson to make the v cute video below. The short clip pretty much sums up your perfect Saturday spent drinking lemonade, reading and lazing in the sun, and also stars some of OS's sweet threads. To celebrate its release, and Gab's recent achievements, OS founder Alana Johnson sat down with her to chat about freedom, the fash industry and what the future holds. Get acquainted below.
Alana Johnson: How would you define paradise? 
Gabriella Bechtel: A big warm bathtub where the air is clean and everything is easy and equal. 

What is the sexiest thing about a person? 
Confidence and eye contact. I also love shoulders.

Song that makes you feel the most?
For some reason songs without lyrics. I've recently been super into 'The Death of Ruby Haunt' by Ruby Haunt

Favorite new slang?

How would you describe yourself and how do you imagine others would describe you?
Professional, fun, nice??? Versus hyper, crazy...

When do you feel the most free?
When I'm naked.

Most memorable interaction you've ever had with a stranger?
I had a crazy long conversation with an Uber driver one time who ended up giving me amazing life advice.

How did you get ~discovered~?
Instagram, it works wonders.

What was it like shooting the adidas campaign with Petra?
She's incredible and super personable and easy to be/work with. It was a dream come true shooting with her.

If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be? 
The standards for size!! I think people are finally coming to their senses on this and a bit of a change is already happening.

What do you want to do in the long-term?
I hope to continue dancing, and to get into acting. I never want to stop doing creative projects.

Photography: Amber Grace Johnson
Films Stills: William Desena

Videography: William Desena
Directors: Amber & Alana Johnson
Model: Gabriella Bechtel

Lucy Jones