Jun 30, 2017 1:25AM

Get To Know Model, Designer And Rainbow Beauty Marissa Seraphin

Bright young thing.
Marissa Seraphin is living her best life. She designs jewellery, works with her bae Stephan at his fab brand Pigalle Ashpool, models, is currently making an animal documentary, and dyes her hair very often. She's a cool girl on the internet and IRL.
Above, smart photographer and friend of Marissa, Angela Baltra, snapped her in some flossy outfits from Colin Locascio and Koche. Below, Marissa answers our probing questions.

Exploring the forest  (and ing trees) with @pigalle_ashpool 

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Name: Marissa Seraphin
Nickname: Chat (cat in French)
Star sign: Gemini
Spirit animal: Cat :)
What do you do for a job?
Jewellery designer and working right now on an animal documentary. Also work with my boyfriend at a brand called PIGALLE.
Where did you grow up and where are you living now? 
Grew up in Paris and based now in Paris but I travel the whole world all year.
What impact did those places have on you? ​
Im very proud to be French, Parisian and citizen of the world. Traveling gives me open-mindedness, tolerance, kindness and crazy energy. And being Parisian gives me this culture of classiness, good living and lifestyle and culture of LOVE :). I do everything for love.
What were you like in high school?​
I was very shy. I was not the popular girl at all. I loved studying and have good marks and I just loved to read and learn about everything. I've always loved learning. 
How have you changed since then? 
I'm not shy anymore and very confident now. It's nice to get to know about yourself when you grow up. Growing up / getting older is really amazing in fact. I wanna have fun with my personality and assume who I am. I don't care anymore about what people think of me. That's the best lesson to learn in life. But I haven't changed, I'm still that same little girl. 
If you had to describe the Pigalle Ashpool aesthetic in five words…? 
Love, colour, diversity, Paris, basketball.
What impact does collaboration have on you?
My boyfriend Stephane has the best mindset I have ever seen in my life. Everything is about love and sharing love and happiness with others. And we both have this crazy taste for colour. So it's just amazing to work with colour and love. I don't feel like I'm working when we are together. And most of all, he inspires me so much everyday. He is totally one of my role models in life. With Stephane, everything is possible. 
What does Pigalle Ashpool stand for as a community?
Stephane has this talent of uniting people around him. People from every background, age, colour, nationality. When you do things with love and generosity, that's how you create a community. It's not a plan, it just naturally happened. And we are a very big family now. 
What songs are soundtracking your studio right now?
Always reggae and world music. 
What scares you most?
Not scared by anything, pretty fearless, and very adventurous :) 
Best thing on the internet?
To be able to research about everything ! I love to research, I'm a crazy researcher. I research about just everything - necessary and unnecessary - that comes into my mind ! I have a thirst for knowledge and internet feeds my appetite. And I loooove Wikipedia lol. I check things on it everyday. 
Photography: Angela Baltra

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