Jul 06, 2017 9:41PM

Get To Know NZ Hip Hop Kings Omni Potent

Franko and Ti-Maya are the frontmen of New Zealand's Omni Potent. Their first ever gig was opening for Mobb Deep, so you could defs say they're ~killing it~. Since then, they've continued to tick mad boxes — they set up their very own Omni TakeOver event to a huge success, they opened for Keith Ape, and they've made some music that they're damn proud of. If you don't know, now you know:

Ti-maya Dorcil
Franko G
T.D (pronounced "Teedotdee") A.K.A NAUTI
Franko, Mickey
Star sign/s: 
Ti-maya: Libra
Franko: Gemini
Spirit animal/s: 
Franko: Cheetah
Where did you grow up and where are you living now?  
Ti-maya: Central Auckland  GLC /  Mt Eden (Wynyard) and uhh 123 shhh rd haha
Franko: I grew up all over the place. Born in South Africa, moved to NZ when I was 6. Spent some time on the shore, and in Thames before moving to Central. Also stayed out south and currently out East. CA till I die though.
What impact did those places have on you? ​
Ti-maya: Heeeaps! My old lady gave birth to me in Grey Lynn, so from day one I was surrounded by good good music. Which helped develop my sound in the future, submerged amongst the culture provided by my dad, who was a musician under Red Bull. We moved about a bit but ended up in Mt Eden. When I was 12 my focus was on graffiti, getting high and bingeing on back to back Mobb Deep, Bone Thugs, Biggie and DUBSTEP. Wynyard gave birth to C.B.C (corn beef clan/can't be contained). The name came from a time long long ago where a bunch of young ignant delinquents used to gank corn beef for communal fekas and over the years to come caused havoc in the main suburban streets of central. As well as being the birth place of CBC its also where my mother owned a modelling agency and would rent out the rooms to models from all over the world, this is where I met Immy!
Franko: Just appreciate all walks of life. Culture, ethnicity and different classes. Don't judge no one. 
What were you like in high school?​
Ti-maya: Haha to be honest I don't think I would of liked me back in high school! Shit was either a game or an outlet. Despite having acne and braces I would still swipe ya ting real quick haha. All I cared about was the gals, socialising, writing raps in the back of my book and of course making money. My grades were fine though, I passed all maths including the time I was shroomed with Sione, did art and even got an excellence in English! How bout dat!
Franko: I was naughty as hell, lil bit loud and full of shit. Class clown I guess you could say but I was smart. I was in the top classes for my subjects and that. Except for maths, I've never passed that shit in my life. Maybe once. 
How have you changed since then? 
Ti-maya: Haha na my g! I mean of course I've matured and got my priorities straight etc, but from a young age I believe I found what truly makes me happy. So the only change in my life will be from the knowledge I obtain. Plus mass financial gain...Ya dig.
Franko: Not much really? Like I'm a lil bit more mature but I guess I'm even more care free now. Which I thought may be opposite. Im learning though.
If you had to describe your sound in five words…? 
Ti-maya: Revolutionary / Retrospective / Pure/ Unfiltered / Jiggy
Franko: Cloudy, hazy, a lil dark, experimental and relatable.
How does the hip hop scene in NZ differ from the rest of the world? Would you change anything about it?
Ti-maya: I feel like  NZ's "Real"  hip hop scene is highly concentrated  with quality  in comparison to the main stream media's trash! Would love to see them lil uzi band$  fill some of the more talented artists down here.
Franko: I think it's hella tight knit. Like everyone know everyone really, and everyone seems to be quite supportive of other artists doing they thing. I think it could be a lil more competitive and honest and accepting of different (newer) types of rap but for the most part I cant say much. I honestly do fuck with and support all those I've rubbed shoulders with and only want to collaborate and experiment more.
What impact does collaboration have on you? Which one has been the most meaningful?
Ti-maya: Collaborating is what it's all about! I don't make beats, so vibing with producers is a daily ting. I haven't released a project in over a year, so since then I've been linking with all types of cats to bring this gift to light. My favourite  colab from Omni would have to be with ENO X DIRTY that one is vibey straaaaight up. Plus those two amongst a few others have taught us a lot about the NZ game/ scene/industry recently.
Franko: Collaboration brings experiments and that leads to innovative music. I love when you can hear the two different artists sounds but also both fused nicely together. My shit with T on Robin Hood Niggas was dope for me cause it was our first bigger track we were both on. Cent2roll with Eno x Dirty the shit tho, they the best out here doing it in NZ along with Swidt and a few producers. So it was tight to have their backing from the get go. 
Ok, so your first ever gig was opening for Mobb Deep. I'm sure you're sick of telling the story. Had any recent high five moments that've topped that?
Ti-maya: I dunno if we have topped that yet, but in the past two years my highlights would have to be; Performing at R & V New Year's Eve with slo:wave, and opening for Keith Ape — that  crowd was wiiild. Our first show hosted fully by us at neck of the woods (OMNI TAKE OVER) went extremely well, sold out by 11pm! Had all my favourite artists perform: Haz Beats, Baccyard, Wavey Joe and many more talented individuals. Besides the shows and that, my favourite bit about our journey in which I am very proud of is the music we have created as a collective! There's a reason why we haven't released much in the last year, and I can't wait for the months ahead...
Franko: You're onto it! Yeah RNV was dope, Galatos last year, our first ever gig we set up The Omni TakeOver - massive success, performing the same night as Yoko-Zuna and opening for Keith Ape & Denzel Curry.
What does your music stand for?
Ti-maya: The under dawg, unity, freedom 'n all that good sheeit. NAUTI on some ting  else tho and he don't give a fuck.
Franko: Real shit, relatable shit, controversial shit, the people that are going through hard shit and of course, real rapper shit.
What songs are soundtracking your life right now?
Ti-maya: A.chal - Matrix, Kelly - killamonjiro, Germ- sip that juice, Michael Christmas - I'm not the only one, Caleon fox -  Durag song 
Franko: Alot of A.Chal, $UICIDEBOY$, always Isaiah Rashad and Mobb Deep but alot of Omni stuff as well
What scares you most?
Ti-maya: Lebron's hair line, public pool tiles and loosing my Queen Gucci.
Franko: Being broke, failure and spiders.
Photography & Styling: Imogen Wilson