Jul 21, 2011 12:00AM

Grinderman To Headline Meredith

Nick Cave's facial hair proves worthy of the top spot at Meredith music festival.

Victorian festival Meredith is shaping up to be a musical high point of the year, not least of all because of its renowned 'no dickhead' policy (there should be more of these, in more spheres of life). Quintessentially unpretentious, Meredith has remained a pillar of unsponsored, unadulterated, BYO fun since it started in 1991. This December marks the big 2?1 for the festival, and they've brought in a headliner to truly fit the celebratory bill. In their only Victorian appearance (no sideshows!), Grinderman will grace the Meredith Amphitheatre in all their bearded, violin-wielding glory.

While violinist Warren Ellis is no stranger to Meredith music festival, Nick Cave is making his debut appearance, despite being Victorian-born. Grinderman is, as of yet, the only band announced for the summer festival, but with a headliner like that you're entitled to keep your hopes high. The full line-up will be announced later next month. Certain things have remained the same as last year, including ticket prices, capacity and the ballot system (quick, free and easy to enter via the website). Changes come in the form of a new camping ground (yes!), more food choices and even better DJs to keep up the vibes in between acts.

And yes, the 'no dickhead' policy remains.