Apr 06, 2016 12:54PM

Gucci Will Combine Its Men's & Women's Shows From 2017

Shaking up the binary.

Since taking over as creative director at Gucci, Alessandro Michele has been tapping into what's happening in the world in terms of gender fluidity, identity politics and the breakdown of binaries in a low-key but consistent way. Presenting collection after collection full of flamboyantly retro-fab clothing, giving major props to Hari Nef, and showing both men's and womenswear on every runway are just a few of the ways that he's been letting us know where he's steering the luxe brand.

Now, he's making it official — from 2017, Gucci will no longer show separate men's and women's shows and instead, present them together. "It seems only natural to me to present my men's and women's collections together. It's the way I see the world today," said Alessandro Michele. "It will not necessarily be an easy path and will certainly present some challenges, but I believe it will give me the chance to move toward a different kind of approach to my storytelling."

There aren't too many details beyond Alessandro's soundbite, but we do know that the first unified runway will take place at Gucci's headquarters in Milan next year. In the meantime, get into the good Gucci vibes below.

Photo: @gucci

Nadia Bailey