Aug 10, 2010 12:00AM

hangin' with julia nobis

Meet our rad August/September cover girl Julia Nobis. Whether you're part of the fash-pack or just like hanging around, everyone agrees- there's no business like Nobis-ness.

Where are you today? What's doing? I was locked out today. I spent the whole time barefoot wondering around the Eastern suburbs.

Tell us a story from your day shooting for Oyster... I was freezing down at bondi beach when it started raining. It was rather chilly. To add to it all I was hanging upside down and all the blood rushed to my head.

I can play the... guitar, piano and a bit of drums.

I wish I could play the... drums better. And the hanging drums.

My brother and I both... like to email. Well, he likes to think that he's helping, but being only 11 months old it can be a little difficult. fqa\uhkdf8. That was him trying to help out. My other brother is a little bit older (16) although I'm not sure he's any more mature. We play Nintendo 64 games such as Zelda Ocarina of Time and Pokemon Stadium.

In school I once... came dressed in my pj's. It was meant to be a big group thing where at least 15 of us were going to do it. Only me and one other girl came dressed correctly.

Loser or abuser? Absolute loser. In school I used to sit in the library during lunch and recess and read Deltora Quest.

Nose picker? Not anymore.

Sandwich filler? Call me weird but I love peanut butter and sultana sandwiches. And tomato and olive paste.

I never drink but if I did I'd drink... Baileys on ice with my stepmum

Best recent purchase? My converse. They're just the usual black kind, however when I walk around in them I feel like a ninja.

Worst recent purchase? Also my converse. Due to the ninja-like feeling I get from wearing them it led me to falling off play equipment when I was climbing around.

Nicest taxi driver? I was in paris and the taxi driver realised I was Australian. He used to live in sydney so we started talking about Sydney life. We were getting quite into the conversation when we arrived at the destination. He stopped the meter and we continued going around the block.

A place more people should know about? I can't say, otherwise people will disturb me.

A place less people should know about? The place I can't tell you about, so I no longer get disturbed.

In a movie-style dance-off I'd... do the sprinkler. Its about the only move I can actually pull off.

Funniest 'model moment'? I was shooting in London and had been warned that the floor was slippery. Naturally I dismissed the warning. Five minutes later I was on the floor.

Where to next for you? Off to NYC!

Oyster Issue 88 with Julia Nobis on the cover is on sale next week!

Special thanks to Priscillas