Feb 24, 2016 1:30PM

Hanging Out With Beaut Canadian Label Beaufille @ NYFW


Beaufille really pumped up the volume for FW16 with a collection of clean oversized shapes. This season, big flares, long jackets and lush jumpers were the focus. These exaggerated styles were perfectly finished with crisp lines or a made-you-look detail like a big belt and cut-out.

Beaufille designers, and IRL sisters, Chloe and Parris Gordon sat down with us following their beaut show to discuss pre-fashion week anxiety, girls wearing boys clothes, and the Canadian fashion community.  

Ava Nirui: How does Beaufille incorporate feminine/masculine elements? 
Chloe Gordon: Naturally our personalities contribute something from each end of the spectrum into our collections. We design womenswear, for women, but we try to really chill things out so looking to menswear is a big part of it. 

As an accessories and clothing brand, do you find yourselves incorporating "jewellery" elements into your clothes?
Parris Gordon: We focused a lot on that in our first few collections — making custom hardware for garments that mimicked jewellery, or creating garment closures that are inspired by jewellery. However, it proves to be a tough sell and even more complicated when you get to production. We focus on making each category represent itself well in the market. Both the clothing and jewellery are very easily integrated with one another to give the Beaufille customer a full look. 

Is Toronto an inspiring place to be as a creative?
Parris: Toronto definitely pushes your creativity further because Canadians are tough to impress. Toronto is not a traditional fashion capital like New York, London or Paris. It's picking up for sure but we are tough critics here. That's really helped us push our ideas further. Canadians are practical so it's been a challenge to create collections that are creative but wearable; but I think the challenge has brought us to a really nice place where our collections are confidently in the middle of both. 

What are the themes behind the FW16 collection?
Chloe: We don't exactly source inspiration prior to creating collections anymore. We work off of ideas and silhouettes established in previous collections, push them further or scale them back, and find new fabrics or finishes for them. This season is looking very mature, confident and playful. Our girl has places to go and she is very confident in who she is. We're seeing a lot of ruffles, flares, texture, sleek cuts and attitude. 

How do you mentally prepare for shows and presentations?
Parris: You've got to breathe! Know that it's just one day of the year and you've done everything you can leading up to it. This is one day and there will be more. Whether things go as you wanted or not, everything in life a lesson and as long as you're confident in what you're putting out, you've already won. 

Photography: Rebekah Campbell and Mitchell McLennan for MADE
Shot on location at Milk Studios

Ava Nirui