Feb 24, 2017 12:51PM

Here's How The Smart Internet Is Standing Up For Trans Kids (And How You Can Too)

Words and actions.

One of many terrifying side-effects of having a guy like Donald Trump in power is the normalisation of discrimination; a thing that happens when you strip minority groups of their basic civil rights. Trans kids are the latest group to suffer at the hands of the Trump administration, with federal guidelines designed to protect them withdrawn overnight. The federal guidance, introduced by the Obama administration, required schools to give trans kids access to the bathroom of their choice. By revoking these protections, the Trump administration sends the clear message that it's okay to discriminate against transgender people. Welcome to the Stone Age, people.

Artists, activists and musicians have responded to this decision with powerful calls to action that will both restore your faith in humanity and help you take practical steps to protect trans kids. Their words are a reminder of the power of language, ideas and action in these downright crazy times. Absorb and activate below.


Everyone deserves respect and freedom. We are all equal. Everyone should have the freedom to conduct themselves as they identify. This is unacceptable. The danger does not lie in transgender students using the bathrooms they want to use, who cares where anyone else pees!? the danger lies in the discriminatory policies that symbolically and physically seek to oppress the already vulnerable trans youth. This legislation is a direct attack on CHILDREN! and systemically oppresses their safety and stigmatizes them in a way that leads to violence. We cannot allow the normalization of such hatred and discrimination, especially towards kids. Yet another unfathomably sickening move by trump to marginalize and displace minority groups. We have to protect each other and support our trans family. Trans boys are boys and trans girls are girls. Call your senators and tell them to oppose this legislation and resist! It's easy please call!

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Civil rights cannot be achieved if access to public space is a privilege. Under the protection of the constitution, everyone in the United States should be entitled to public space. This was a frontier for the fight against segregation and the repetition of this fight throughout our history emboldens the MEANING in access to public space. Trans people are real and taking public space away from them legitimizes the white, male supremacist agenda. Trans people are among some of the most abused, poor and resourceless individuals in the world and taking CIVIL rights away from already marginalized people perpetuates the kind of useless alienation that distances the government from its people. That's not to trivialize the trans community, but to highlight that trans people have very little protection as it is and the conditions of our world produces disadvantages for trans people, specifically trans youth. We need to smash the gender binary to legitimize the trans body and prioritize the trans body. To all my trans friends, whether you're thriving or struggling, or thriving AND struggling this is not forever. Those in power threaten minorities because the strength of community dismantles hegemony. If anyone has any resources pleAse post below.

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You can help support trans kids by donating to the Transgender Law Center, Trans Lifeline, Trans Student Educational Resource, The National Centre for Transgender Equality and the American Civil Liberties Union now.

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