Aug 15, 2014 11:07AM

Hipster Robot Tries Seducing Women On OKCupid

'Girls Who Date Computers.'
This 28-year-old guy called Schuyler Hunt recently invented a bot that can have conversations in the impersonal online dating world of OKCupid for him. As his dubiously-titled website, Girls Who Date Computers says, "A fake OKCupid profile was created to see if anyone could ever talk to and fall in love with,") adding "This experiment was intended to explore the implications of the Turing Test within the context of online dating utilities in New York City." 
Documenting all conversations initiated by the girls, Schuyler passed all test through a bot and then copied and pasted his responses into the dating website manually — because what better way to spend one's free time? He told Buzzfeed that the experiment came about because of his observations of women's behaviour on the site. 
As the original piece puts it, "It seemed to him that the women messaging him weren't so much interested in him as in not being alone. He wasn't even sure if they were paying attention to his written responses. 'I was thinking: They don't care,' said Hunt. 'They just want somebody.'" So before you get offended that a bro is effing with you via bot, just remember — it's your own damn fault. 
Of the morally ambiguous nature of the experiment, Schuyler says, "I can say honestly that it's in a grey area. For instance, I try to do things with my conscience guiding me, but anybody can do anything on OkCupid. Did I ever feel bad for the individuals? Yes." The results are interesting though. Some are funny and some are kind of moving, with many girls going out of their way to be nice to this vague, short-sentence-using weirdo. Of course, the conversations can only go on for so long because said lady gets annoyed at the bot's uncanny behaviour and dumps him.