May 03, 2016 7:08PM

Iggy Pop Smacks Some Stooge With A Rifle In New 'Blood Orange' Trailer

Raucous human and full blown lord Iggy Pop stars in upcoming thriller flick Blood Orange. It's due out mid May, so we've been blessed with this fairly savage trailer.
Iggy plays Bill, a dying rock star (don't even go there rn tho) with a very gruff voice and a hot wife (Kacey Barnfield). 
The trailer shows her ex rolling up to their lush home in the Spanish countryside, yapping on about some inheritance she apparently stole from him. The yapping soon turns to real deal threats, and so Iggy staunches out with a rifle and pops him over the head. Noice.
Can you even imagine this thing coming at you from the staircase? Ruthless.
Blood Orange is out May 17.

Hayley Morgan