Nov 16, 2015 1:54PM

Immigration Minister Rejects MP's Calls To "Close Our Borders" After Paris Attacks


Even (especially) politicians are prone to hyperbole-filled gramatically erroneous social media outbursts. Following the tragic attacks that occured in Paris over the weekend, NSW Nationals MP Andrew Fraser took to Facebook to plead with Malcolm Turnbull to "close our borders". Lacking appropriate comma placement and overrun with exlamation marks, the MP's post seems to equate democracy with anarchy and imply that all "boat people" are terrorists. Smh, Andrew.

Taking objection to the federal government's one-off policy that would permanently resettle 12,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Australia, Mr Fraser unleashed his totally calm and rational plea on his personal Facebook page, writing: "Australia does not need Middle Eastern refugees or Islamic boat people!" and "Close our borders we have enough anarchists already resident in Australia [...] we do not need any more coming in disguised as refugees!!!!!!"

*Places palm to forehead*

Federal Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has shut down these misguided calls to revise Australia's refugee policy, maintaining that we can continue with existing border protection policies while being diligent processing new applications.

"I think this just demonstrates why we do need a tough border setting, but at the same time we can bring in people such as the Syrians that we are bringing in who are fleeing a murderous regime," he said.

NSW Premier Mike Baird has also rejected Mr Fraser's comments, saying:

"I don't think anyone should say we shouldn't help someone in such need as those that are fleeing the sort of terror we've seen been wreaked upon them in their homeland."

Photo: @sydneyoperahouse

Madeleine Woon