Jul 18, 2016 11:10AM

Internet Unearths Vintage Interview With IRL Voice Of Pikachu

Pika, Pika!

There was a time when all of your goals could be summed up with the following image:

Get 'em!

Cut to the present day and, while you may have thrown away your folders of rare cards (RIP Charizard), dat Pokemon power is still so very real thanks to a little something called Pokemon Go. And now, a Redditor just added some fuel to the fire by sharing a video of actual IRL voice of Pikachu, Ikue Ōtani. Love you, internet.

Ikue more than lives up to the character in the clip with cutest ever renditions of classic lines "Pickachu!" and "Pika, Pika!". Props to her for never losing enthusiasm when faced with an entire script of "Pikachus".
Seriously though, the range of emotions Ikue was able to make us feel with one simple word is nothing short of incredible.


Photos and GIF: Tumblr

Lucy Jones