Apr 27, 2015 11:17AM

Jay Z Reassures The World Tidal Is Doing Just Fine Via Twitter Rant

If you're having Tidal problems, I feel bad for you son.

Jay Z has taken to Twitter to reassure the world that he might have 99 problems, but Tidal ain't one. The rant proved to be both entertaining and insightful (thank you, Mr Carter) with the mega successful rapper, producer and first love of Queen B explaining that, "Tidal is doing just fine," and, "We are here for the long haul".

In an attempt to quash critics, who argue Tidal is simply a tool for the rich to get richer, he drew comparisons to other music and video streaming services: "Rich getting richer? Equity values...YouTube $390 billion. Apple $760 billion. Spotify $8 billion. Tidal $60 million. #TidalFacts".

Here's the whole thing, in which Jay comes across as cute and slightly despo. 

Further lols were provided by an anonymous bright spark who created a Twitter account parodying #TidalFacts, tweeting out gems like: "One of Drake's woes was not getting a piece of Tidal. #TidalFacts," and "Rihanna wrote BBHMM about Tidal. #TidalFacts".

Photos: @officials_c_

Alexandra Godwin