Jun 10, 2015 8:35PM

Jemima Kirke Talks Body Image And Lena Dunham's Frequent Nakedness

"Never talk about not liking yourself."
Jemima Kirke might play a DGAF boho in Girls, but IRL she has some insecurities. In a recent interview she talked about them – from the watermelon-only diet her mum encouraged as a kid (no!), to getting her cellulite out for Girls. But she also talked about loving herself, and how she got there (and stays there).
She notes the impact parents have on their children's self-view, "My mom used to say to me, 'I think you're beautiful. I think you're perfect. I just want you to be happy.' That's such a mixed message, though...even though she was saying she wanted me to be happy, it still came off as bullying."
Jemima also remembers her mum encouraging a watermelon-only diet, and making a fuss about bread being removed from the dinner table. "She knew I wanted to be thinner...and she was always on a diet herself," she says. "I think she meant well. I just think she wasn't equipped."
Now that Jemima has her own kids, she's trying to keep it real, "I think it's important for women around children, whether you're a mother or not, to never talk about not liking yourself."
Staying on the right side of her own body image perception is pretty important for her role in Girls. When Lena text her about showing her bare ass in thrust motion, she almost said no, "I was tempted to say no, just because it's not gonna be comfortable to do. But, I felt somewhat obligated as someone who's on such a progressive show — as an artist, as a mother to a daughter — to show my body." Plus, Lena sets a pretty convincing example.
The interviewer goes on to explain the nakedness in Girls, and how it is seen as the 'wrong kind' of nakedness. Jemima chimes in, "I hear a lot of men saying, 'Why do I have to see that?' I'm like, what do you mean, 'have to?' Like this is a punishment?".
She adds, "One thing I hate that they say about Lena is, 'She's so confident,'" Jemima adds. "That makes me really mad and it's really short-sighted, because I don't think she's confident. I think she's brave. It's not that she's proud necessarily or showing off. It's that she's making an effort to fight the standard so that one day we'll stop calling nudity and self-love 'brave.' And, if people get mad because they see it as a big fuck-you, well then, they're fucking right. It is."
Her advice on maintaining a good view of yourself, "This sounds so cheesy, but it's true. I try to look at myself as if I were a man who was really hot for me. I'll see all the things that make me me, and [I'm] like, that's hot."
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