Jun 12, 2014 4:00PM

Jeremy Scott's 2.0 For Moschino


Well, now this is awkward. Our boy Jeremy Scott has just showed his debut resort collection for his new creative outlet, Moschino. Now while we can understand that it's hard to differentiate between you're own collections and your new appointment, many designers have walked the fine line in the search for ground breaking stuff. 

Scott however, has done a bit of a doozy with his resort 2015 collection. As Fashionista have kindly pointed out, there's a whole lot of 'nostalgia' running throughout the collection. And when we say nostalgia we mean there are some border line identical looks from Jeremy Scott's namesake previous seasons between 2010-13. 
Guaranteed, the creative genius has some sort of reasoning and justification for this dip into his back catalogue and we're still lusting over his collection, but when looking at the comparative pictures we can't help but cringe a little. Sad face.
Photos: Style.com/Courtesy