Jun 29, 2011 12:00AM

Jesus Walks

Sandals make a comeback of biblical proportions.

In the fashion sphere the word of Proenza Schouler designer Lazaro Hernandez is gospel, so when Hernandez spoke out about the direction of footwear during the Spring 2011 show season, we listened. Once a passionate pusher of all things platform, the designer declared an end to sky-high heels in place of more "Sensible shoes," stating "Tranny shoes feel old, everyone's wearing them." Sure enough, Hernandez pinpointed a significant shift in the direction of footwear and flats began popping up on runways the world over. Balenciaga biker boots and Prada brouges set our hearts aflutter, but no resurgence could rival that of the humble sandal. A firm favourite of his holiness Jesus Christ, sandals are experiencing a revival of biblical proportions.

The house of Valentino seized the 2012 Resort season as an oppurtunity to showcase their new range of women's footwear entitled Timestrings, a ten piece collection of handcrafted sandals which feature an inscription on the instep of each shoe detailing the hours, minutes and seconds that were required to construct it.

The sandal-shift was evident across the menswear as well. Louis Vuitton's newly appointed style director Kim Jones debuted a luggage inspired take on the Euro-tourist's shoe of choice - the new LV sandal can be disassembled for flat packing. More adventurous fashion fans may even attempt Jones' sock-sandal combo (though, in our opinion, this look is probably best reserved for traveling Swiss Yodel Kings). Ricardo Tisci boosted the trend further on Friday, referencing scuba style with surf sandals dominating the Givenchy runway - there wasn't a sneaker, moccasin, or loafer in sight.

Sadly for the southern hemisphere, spring is months away, but that hasn't stopped us compiling an eager-beavers wish list of fantasy footwear for the warmer weather. These are our recommendations.

Words: Renee Warne

Backstage images: Sonny Vandevelde