Jun 09, 2015 11:08AM

Kate Moss Gets Escorted Off Plane, Here Are All The Times She DGAF

Not basic.

Kate Moss can't help how basic everyone around her is. The supermodel/legend was escorted off a flight yesterday by police for being a bit drunk and calling the pilot a "basic bitch", in a move that was very modern day version of Patsy from Ab Fab of her.

Moss apparently opted to BYO her own alcohol for her EasyJet flight from Turkey to London, getting crunk on vodka she allegedly stashed in her hand luggage. She was then refused more alcohol by staff, became "disruptive", and had to be calmed down by the po-po. She was not arrested, and assumedly DGAF about the ordeal.

In honour of this truly badass behaviour, here are some of the other times Kate ruled at life:

That time James Nesbitt joked that he'd had intimate relations with her in a speech at the British GQ Men of the Year Awards, so Mossy walked out and was like:

At her screen-test for L'Oreal, in which she's just so worth it. 

That time she wore a totally see-through dress with sensible undies to a fancy-ass party in 1993. 

That time she made looking like a cowgirl cool:

How she doesn't do social media, except to hang out with Marc Jacobs and let everyone know how very basic they are


This ones for you @lohanthony it was Kate's idea!

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When this happened:

And, to quote the boss herself from her book, Kate: The Kate Moss Book: "I know I'm supposed to give a fuck, but I don't care."

You're our main ride or die, Moss. Never change.  

Photos: @davebennet
GIFS: Tumblr

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