Jul 27, 2011 12:00AM

kate moss: the london look

Submit your t-shirt designs to be critiqued by Kate and Wheels & Dollbaby.

If there is one face that represents that particularly enviable breed of London cool, surely it's Kate Moss. Cosmetic label Rimmel were on to something, then, when they first launched Moss as the face of the brand a decade ago, marking her as the definitive representation of the London Look.

To celebrate ten years in partnership, the newly minted Mrs. Hince has collaborated with Rimmel to create a cosmetic collection that may not guarantee an illustrious modeling career, but will give you the essence of that impenetrable London chic. And if the revelation that Moss has hit our shores this week hot on the tail of husband Jamie Hince sent shivers down your spine, then the news that she could soon be personally critiquing your fashion designs will probably send you hysterical.

Rimmel, Kate Moss and Australia's own Wheels & Dollbaby join forces in a unique triple-whammy collaboration. Budding designers are given the chance to create a t-shirt celebrating ten years of the Rimmel/Moss partnership. Entries will be judged by the fashion icon herself and Wheels & Dollbaby designer Melanie Greensmith. The winner's design will be sold exclusively in Rimmel stocklists and Wheels & Dollbaby boutiques. Head on over to Rimmel London's Facebook page to enter!


Lillian McKnight