Sep 09, 2011 12:00AM

Kidult x Hermes?

Hermes Paris is the latest luxury boutique to be tagged by Kidult. But is this art?

Hermes Paris is the latest luxury shopfront to act as an unsolicited canvas for Kidult's spray can. The notorious French-born graffiti artist tagged the windows at the Rue de Sevres boutique using his signature technique - a paint-filled fire extinguisher. In the last few months, he's managed to tag the NY Supreme store, Kenzo Paris, JC/DC, Agnes b, YSL and Colette Paris, apparently all in protest against high fashion and also the commercialisation of street art. It sounds to us like someone could be a little jealous of Banksy.

In a recent interview with High Snobiety, Kidult explains why he has targeted high end retail stores. "I act in the moment, and it's about a truth that's not necessarily spoken, so I shout it and write it on stores. At some point, all these shops have used graffiti culture as a commercial image, riding the trend without being a part in the least and for which the only point is to make some cash. All I say to them is "hello"; if these brands really like graffiti, I only give them what they like, so what if it's beautiful or ugly. We gotta stop these brands from dictating a culture that belongs to us."

Kidult has described his work as a combination of painting and poetry, but while this piece preaches 'love' we wonder if this is anything more than an act of vandalism masquerading as art.