Jul 16, 2014 1:37PM

Kim Kardashian's Game Will Make $200 Million This Year

Because it is actually addictive.
Have you played Kim Kardashian: Hollywood only to realise that it's playing you? That's the general consensus among the game's users — you start playing as a joke, but shit gets serious really quickly. Especially with all the photoshoots and calls from Simon you start getting. Being glamourous is exhausting, right?! When you start assaulting birds on the street, just in case they have cash in them, you know you've truly gone crazy with a captial K. But until then, it's a pretty fun (if life-destroying) iOS game
Stop trying to date us, Mackle-bro!
According to a recent analyst, the popularity of Kim's show will see her make upwards of $200 million this year alone, with the average user spending about $5 to give their own fame-climbing enterprise a kick-start. Why is it so successful? There are so many ways! Firstly, if you've never played before, you should know that you're not playing as Kim — you're just a hottie that she likes the look of when she spots you in a boutique, and thus, she becomes your mentor. There's also an evil chick called Willow Pape, who you should AVOID at all COSTS. 
She’s the worst and she needs to get the shit of our face right now. 
Also, what the hell, Simon?
That feeling when you buy that boutique called 'So Chic' before that witch Willow.
When you finally make the A list.