Jan 06, 2014 4:04PM

'Ladies Who Samba' Shot By June Canedo

A photo essay from Brazil.

Photographer June Canedo just started travelling through Brazil. It's her mother's country and the life and look of the women she's met there has inspired her to start documenting what she sees.

"These women embody the Brazilian aesthetic. Their hair is always done, nails are polished, their dress is new and you can bet they have showered twice by 8pm. My mother (the blonde pictured in these photos) is in her forties and proudly sticks to her roots, just as she has done as long as I can remember. I will never forget being sixteen and having to tell her that her dress was too short while she begged me to burn my 'boyfriend jeans.' She hates that I hardly tend to my body hair and cried when I shaved my head in college.
I, unlike my mother, am Brazilian and American. I guess the only way for me to describe it is — when I’m sitting in a room full of Americans I feel Brazilian and when I’m sitting in a room full of Brazilians I feel American. It's my intention to portray these women in their most natural setting, being just as Brazilian as I have always known them to be; the feminine woman, the Catholic, the teenager, the housewife, the single mother, the dependent, the self-sufficient."
Photos/Words: June Canedo