Jun 24, 2017 8:38PM

Of Course Lana Del Rey's Merch Includes 'Cruel Intentions' Coke Locket

In a move that is so Lana Del Rey it hurts (passively, obvs), LDR has announced a very iconic piece of merch — a locket that functions very similarly to the one Kathryn wore in Cruel Intentions.
The locket, heart shaped and engraved with a snake on one side and 'LDR' on the other, features a spoon that screws into the top of the pendant. It may be for scooping out and dotting perfume on your sweet spots, it may be for a very necessary always-on-your-person stash of Himalayan rock salt, it may be for coke ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
They've been around since 2015, when they were first spotted on her tour, but she'd stopped selling them for a while. Now, you can buy one here.
Photo: Youtube

Hayley Morgan