Mar 31, 2015 12:11PM

Le1f, Action Bronson, The Underachievers and Flatbush Zombies Star In New Hip-Hop Mini-Documentary

"I wanna be the the trillest little dude in the world."

A new mini-documentary about yung hip-hop artists has landed and it's really good. We know you're thinking, "Yeah, yeah, another hip-hop documentary", but this one is seriously worth your time. We're Gonna Be Lords comes from Robert Luposki, who made the Watch the Throne doc, and it's a mini masterpiece full of haunting imagery and philosophical musings.

The film opens on a group of kids praying for trillness and money, establishing a cultish vibe that carries through the series of scripted inverviews. First up, one half of The Underachievers talks about how he wanted to get a PhD in philosophy and write books before he became a rapper. Then, Le1f talks about diversity in NY and gets his hair did, Flatbush Zombies say that their rap is inspired by a higher vision/"some third eye shit" and Action Bronson cooks steak and demonstrates mad knife skillz in the kitchen.

Check out the whole wiggy/wise thing below:

GIF: Tumblr

Lucy Jones