Feb 13, 2017 9:18PM

Let Freya Esders' Beaut Short Film For Cecilia Fox Love You Right Up

True romance.
Valentines Day is one wink away and if internet is your boyfriend you oughta snug right up to him and receive this beautiful gift. Actual genius Australian florist Cecilia Fox has enlisted a champion team, including Oyster contributor/director Freya Esders, to create some lovey dovey imagery that is anything but your usual Hallmark stuffiness. 
Watch and weep while seven beautiful humans frolic in draped silks, ruffles and clean shirting — staring lovingly at each other, surrounded by the wildest arrangement of flowers. It is wedding day #goals, brought to you by Cecilia.

Cecilia Fox from Freya Esders on Vimeo.

Directed by Freya Esders
Produced and cast by Folk Collective
Stills by Tasha Tylee
Cinematography by Edward Golder


Hayley Morgan